Thursday, October 9, 2008

About as I Expected…

Remember my September 19 post on the Anti- down-syndrome site? I had written them a comment, similar to my post, and they didn’t post my reply (moderation in effect).

I was actually very civil in my post.

. But since the didn’t make any more posts of their own, I fiqured that maybe.. maybe… maybe they hadn’t been to the blog and hadn’t seen my reply. But I suspected that it was not so. Well, they have posted again their hateful message, and my reply to the last post was not approved. And I am blocked from posting a reply..
About as I expected…..the *&%*#& cowards!

PS. Yom Kippur passed quietly; Ricki fasted about 90% (took a few lugs of water….). Not bad!

1 comment:

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Does Ricki understand the concept of Yom Kippur and why we fast?

That's mean of them not to let you comment, but then again so long as you can say what you want on your blog then your good. Plus if other people didn't approve of what they wrote either then people can just look at it and know what's wrong.