Tuesday, December 18, 2012


    Several weeks ago while walking one evening at dusk, I happened upon a small narrow park that runs between houses on either side for about five blocks. While it was a cute little addition to my list of "green" places to walk,  I didn't happen to return to it until this last Saturday.
   Saturday morning I had taken a nice walk, but knowing that I would be traveling after shabbas to a "final night of Channukah" get-together at the house of one of my sons, I decided that a little bit more calorie-burning exercise would be prudent.** And since my son was willing to join me, I was glad indeed to go walking.
   It just so happened that we walked to an area near the above-mentioned park, so I mentioned to my son that I have a cute place to show him. We reached it soon enough and he agreed that it was pretty nice. When we finally walked to the end of the stretch, and reached a city street, we were about to turn back when something caught my eye. I hadn't noticed it, in the dark, the first time I was there… but now I perceived that across the street, and a bit to the left, there seemed to be a small road leading steeply uphill.
   "Hey, look at that road- maybe there is a nice view from up there…"
   So the two of us traipsed up the hill, discovering a small park at the top. And from there we beheld  a magnificent view of Tel Aviv, and the Mediterranean beyond. (We were walking in a suburb of Tel Aviv.) So Monday I returned, camera in hand:
(picture: view of Tel Aviv)

   Oh, the title of this post, you are wondering??  We discovered this view because we had the spontaneity to check out that little road to the left…….

 (**On Shabbat I walk only if I feel like it, and at a slower pace than on weekdays.)

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Batya said...

YOu've lived there for so long, and you're still discovering new things.