Thursday, December 8, 2011

Again, the Fads

As reported here,the FDA has issued a warning about the hcg-containing diet fad. And EVEN if it would work, can one REALLY believe that they will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle on 500-800 calories daily? Do people imagine that after losing weight on a fad diet, that they will be able to maintain that loss?
FACE IT! If you want to lose weight, and most importantly keep it off and feel good while doing so, you need:
1) An eating plan that takes in mind your likes and dislikes, your schedule, and preferences. (For example a diet advocating an big luscious (and yes, healthy) salad for breakfast is just not going to work if you have to be at work at 8AM, and you have kids to get to school as well….unless you adore old, wilted salads made the night before…)
2) An eating plan that takes into account basic nutritional balance, with fruits, vegetables, protein (including milk products), carbohydrates, and a smidgen of fat. People whose dietary preferences are WAY off (like they never eat fruit or vegetables, or dairy products) need to move in the direction of a healthier balance of food. People allergic to foods like milk will need expert advice from a good nutritionist on how to get the nutrients they need within a lower-calorie eating plan.
3) Some exercise weekly, preferably increasing gradually to a decent amount of aerobic exercise. Not only will this give you a (minimal) boost in weight loss, but you should be healthier and feel better as a result.
4) To allow yourself to be “human” (but just a BIT)- an occasional SMALL snack or coveted food, a small extra splurge on holidays (but you DO understand that this needs to be within reason…). If you never allow yourself a BIT of leave-way, eventually you will decide that the diet isn’t livable.


But if you adopt a sensible eating plan as outlined above, you can slowly lose weight, and feel good doing it. THAT is magical, believe me!


Batya said...

on the whole, good post, but it's not necessary to eat dairy products or wheat. lactose and gluten have to be eliminated by many people. But a general balanced diet, light on the carbs and fat is the best and can be maintained forever.

rickismom said...

Batya, generally people need dairy and carbohydrates. As I mentioned, those with allergies need special input to be sure that they are getting the nutrients that they need.

Anonymous said...

Do you think of Weight Watchers as a fad or as a personalized balanced approach? Just curious; it seems to fall somewhere in between.

rickismom said...

Basically they have worked with a balanced approach. Cutting calories but in a way that promotes healthy eating.

HOWEVER I am unfamiliar with their "New" plan.

One needs to add in exercise. One problem though is that the point system (at least the old one) often over-penalizes you if you choose an unhealthy food. While this is good for promoting good eating habits, it maqy be frustrating for the person having their once-a-week "let me be human" snack.

Cindy said...

About 15 years ago I cut out almost all fat and began walking. Then jogging. By the end of a year I had lost 50 pounds. I kept it off for about 5 years, but then my lifestyle changed and I was no longer able to jog. The kids and I would swim every week, but eventually the weight came back. I am so proud of you for your weight loss and commitment to it!