Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Is Becoming Passé

What? Passé?
People doing double-takes or even almost not recognizing me is beginning to become Passé. Well, almost. Ricki’s pediatrician has probably wanted to ask me for ages, but he is always SSSSOOO busy. But I was there in an empty office a few days ago (to get an out-of-date referral renewed). As I was leaving he said “UUHH , by the way, you HAVE lost a lot of weight recently…..haven’t you???”
And last night I was at the pool (I usually go only on Wednesdays, but I was making up a missed session), and an acquaintance saw me.
“Rickismom, HOW much did you loose?!?!?” And as I answered (so far 59 kilos), she said to the other women there, “You have NO idea of how she USED to look….!”
As much as I enjoy the accolades, I am beginning to tire of them. I think I feel good enough about my new lifestyle as not to need all the attention. I don’t mind the attention, but sometimes I get tired of all the questions that come after. Sometimes…..


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot! Mazal Tov! I wish I had your dedication to weight loss.
I am also the type that dislikes all this crowing over weight loss. To me it means that the person notices weight gain as well, and that they did have an opinion about your weight before the loss.

It's just something that makes me self conscious.

There are times that I lose weight without trying specifically (not a lot, barely noticeable.) And I wish people wouldn't comment, because it makes me feel like I should be trying, when I am not. :)

tesyaa said...

I don't know how people can fail to be impressed with the loss of 59 kg. Even though you are tired of hearing it, I am sure it is an inspiration for people.