Sunday, August 14, 2011

The On-Going "Eyeglasses Saga" (installment #12)

I checked back, and realize that the last "installment " of the "eyeglasses saga" was NOT 7 or 8, but more like #eleven! So this one is number twelve...[for the last installment of the on-going "eyeglasses saga", see HERE (or type "eyeglasses" in the search box above...]
On my return from the US, I discovered that Ricki’s glasses (which she had actually managed to hold on to for about two months) had disappeared. (Why was I not surprised?? LOL) In all fairness to Ricki, their loss may not have been entirely her fault. Her older sister explained that the spectacles went missing on a day that her class took a trip to the beach. Thus perhaps someone else may have been the careless party, or at least, Ricki was “watching” her glasses in an unfamiliar setting.
Anyway, I dug out the “spare” pair (I ought to buy in bulk….), and Ricki was happy to wear them.
A week later, I took Ricki to her eye doctor for her annual checkup. She needs a slightly different number, so we went and ordered two pairs. But what was really cool was what happened when I mentioned to the doctor that over this last year we have averaged about one new pair a month. The doctor finished checking Ricki, and then she said to read a line of numbers, which Ricki did with aplomb. Then the doctor removed the lenses, and asked Ricki to read the lines.
“I can’t,” Ricki said, her assurance shaken, “I can’t see the numbers.”

Ricki was impressed. Even the doctor said that she needs the glasses.

[image: sunglasses]

Then today at noon, as we went to pick up the new eyewear, I noticed Ricki eyeing my prescription sunglasses.
“Ricki, if you don’t lose these new glasses for a year, next summer I will buy YOU sunglasses.”
I mean, if that works, I will be getting off VERY cheaply!


Batya said...

Is there any way of adding some identification so they can be returned if found?

sticklebacker said...

I have been buying my glasses at prescription glasses very inexpesive!

rickismom said...

Actually, thanks for reminding me! I have often added her name to the glasses, although it has never actually resulted in a return....
I also have found a very cheap place to get glasses in Israel (GURA, near chazon Ish post office, Bnai Brak)