Monday, August 29, 2011

The Kilo of Sugar

One day about a week and a half ago I was baking a cake, and suddenly realized that I had no sugar in the house. Looking at the clock, I noted that the neighborhood grocery was closing in any minute (if it hadn’t already), so I sent Ricki with instructions to go to the store PRONTO for some sugar before they closed.
She quickly left the house, but took forever to return. After a while, I assumed, correctly, that she had found our grocery closed, and went searching for an open store where she could purchase the kilo of sugar. The only problem with this is that I had not given her any cash, as we regularly charge purchases at our grocery, and I pay the bill about every 2 weeks.
It was as I assumed, and when Ricki returned, sugar in hand, I tried to figure out WHICH store she had obtained the sugar at, so that I could reimburse them for the purchase. I tried phoning a few of the more likely possibilities, but those efforts did not pan out. Then I have to admit, it slipped my mind, until yesterday.
Yesterday I passed a different nearby grocery, and asked the owner if a girl with Down syndrome had purchased a kilo of sugar the previous week with out paying. He answered in the negative.
So today, after my morning walk, I went checking at several groceries in the opposite direction, but I had no luck there either…..
As I neared home, Ricki called me on my cell phone, bitterly complaining at my prolonged absence, so I told her that I was downstairs, and she should come downstairs. On her arrival, I instructed her that she should SHOW me which grocery she had bought the sugar at the previous week. She did; it was the one I had stopped at yesterday. When I asked the owner why he had not admitted to the purchase, he said “You asked me about someone taking sugar without paying for it. She told me that her Mother would come in and pay….”
(BTW, I have mentioned to Ricki that if our grocer is closed, she has to return to me for money…. So I hope that this is the last incident of this type….)

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Becca said...

I love this post - I love her determination to find the sugar for you, and the care and patience that your neighboring merchants obviously have, too. I've been way behind in reading your blog lately - catching up a bit now. :-)