Thursday, April 14, 2011

Starting Off One’s Day….

For those of you who are not familiar with what Passover (“Pesach”) entails for an orthodox Jewish housewife, I will need to explain or you will not understand my post today.
On Passover, we are enjoined not to eat leaven, and we take this commandment seriously. VERY seriously. In the weeks before the holiday, we clean our house from all leavened materials (bread, crackers, etc…, including all the crumbs that get everywhere over the course of the year….). Then when the house is finally clean, we cover our kitchen with clean material (foil, paper, etc), get out special Passover dishes and pots, and cook up all those delicious holiday meals that our guests are eagerly
Yes, it is a LOT of work [This is the major reason I have been blog posting so little. I have several unwritten posts waiting for me to find the time….] However, it is also gratifying to see the house clean, and of course the family gathering over the holiday are what makes it all worthwhile.
Well, basically my house is “Kosher L’Pesach” (clean for Passover” already. Yesterday I cleaned the living room, and the kitchen is also basically done. Today I need to clean my refrigerator and get out the special Passover dishes from their boxes.
Last night I was up late, finishing to cover the stove and the living room table. But I gratefully realized that Ricki doesn’t have school today, and I could sleep until 7 am.
So this morning at six thirty Ricki woke me up and asked about breakfast. “Soon” I mumbled, and turned over to sleep for another half hour.
After awakening, I got dressed and was about to prepare my morning “Start Off the Day” cup of coffee. Then I noticed.
Cracker crumbs.
In my “kosher L’Pesach” living room.
It seems that Ricki had taken breakfast into her own hands. And the result was an armchair full of crumbs (even underneath the cushion), crumbs on the floor, and on a pile of plastic chairs that I had “checked”. I even found a piece under the dining room table.
The result? A sleepy bleary eyed mother did not start off her day with coffee. My day started off today with sweeping, cleaning, and washing the salon floor.
Ricki, puzzled, said “But Mom, you did the floors yesterday!”
Yea. Before the “cracker fiasco”.
HAVE A NICE DAY! I will. (I’m just happy she didn’t go into the kitchen…).

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how'd she get ahold of the chametz?