Friday, February 5, 2010

The funny Thing…..

As I wrote on Wednesday, under pressure to write daily, I had found “ I have reached the point that I am finding it harder to say things worth reading”. So, having decided to temporarily (at least) blog less frequently, what happened? All of a sudden, I thought of several good posts.
Possible explanations:
1. -the devil is helping me, so I can blog ad infinitum, ruin my health, etc., etc.
2. -it’s the “vacation effect” (explanation forthcoming)
3. -(most plausible answer) having gotten a good nights sleep on Wednesday, my mind was in “functional mode” on Thursday…..

And what is this “vacation effect”?
Many times with special children and teens, you can be working with them (on your own, or with a therapist) to try and reach some goal. It is immaterial if this goal is walking, speaking a full three-word sentence, learning to adjust the hot-water flow in the bath independently, etc. Sometimes you feel that you have been trying and trying…. And trying… and nothing seems to be going in.
So you switch gears. Change goals. Or the speech therapist tells you that she’s taking vacation next month. (And you are wondering if that is true, or if she is simply trying to drop your “not progressing” child…..) And… a week or two later… BOOM! Suddenly he is doing the long-sought-after goal, as if he has been doing it forever…..

This happens a lot.
What goes in DOES eventually appear.

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