Tuesday, October 7, 2008

story cards-try this Tuesday

To help kids tell a story:
make some cards with photos/ pictures / signs for:

people your child knows
places they go
activities they do there
feeling faces (happy/sad/ surprised/ hot/ ill/ cold
days of week

Then, after going somewhere, pick out cards which match what you did, and use them as prompts to help them tell the "story" of what they did


Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Thank you!!

Unknown said...
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PsychMamma said...

What a fantastic way to build imagination and speech/language skills!! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great way to encourage verbal skills! Thanks for sharing!

Trish said...

This is a wonderful idea. So hard to get answers to, "How was your day?" and I think this would really help. Thank you!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Very smart!