Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hanging up the Laundry

As I mention in my last post, Ricki hangs laundry. Mind you, as with many other tasks that she attempts, its not 100% yet.
- First, any underwear in the basket I hide and hang later on my own, so that I can hang it on an “inside” line, not the outermost one in full public view. I’ll teach her that once she has basic “hanging” down pat.
-Perhaps in an effort to avoid dropping laundry, she tends to over-pin it… too many pins for each item.
-Her biggest problem so far is that she has a tendency to remove hung laundry before it is dry, excited at the prospect of taking the laundry down.
And tonight, I discovered why we suddenly have so few clothes pins: as she removed the still-damp floor mop rags she had hung barely an hour before, I saw her toss the pin downstairs……….

I think some intensive teaching is in order. I just hope she’s in the mood to listen…..


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

sounds like some teaching is in order. But that's really cool how she can hang it up.

Does she understand the difference between wet and dry?

rickismom said...

Of course she does. But she is MORE intent on having the "fun" of taking the laundry in....

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

If Ricky is anything like Margret, she will eventually do the "hanging up to dry" thing well. Patience and repetition is the key.

And perhaps the clothes pins will not disappear so quickly if you give her a special bag to put them in. I am envisioning a cloth bag attached to a belt.

My reasoning: since the bag is on a belt, it is never too far away from her to put the pins into it.

That would also make it easier to hang things up, needing only to reach into this 'extra pocket' to get the pins.