Monday, October 13, 2008


I went out for a few moments yesterday evening to buy some gifts for my grandchildren, for the holiday. I usually buy books, nice laminated ones, an item my sons may not be able to afford. And even though most of these grandchildren speak Yiddish, I insist on buying Hebrew books. I want to push them to be fully bi-lingual, for two reasons. First, I myself do not know Yiddish, and two, being literate in the country’s language is a “must” as far as I am concerned.
One son didn’t like my intended choice of book… he wanted a Yiddish book with a cassette attached, probably the better to keep his daughter occupied. Well, thankfully I didn’t see any, so I got a classic “concepts” book instead. (Not the one he vetoed a different one.) I suspect that I will always view any and all gift purchases for educational value. That has been ingrained by years of buying books and toys for Ricki.(I have virtually amassed a toy/book store at home for her.) And since this book is laminated, and I hope it will last for all of his family, as it grows, so I think that my thinking is not so far off. Thus in the end, I got what I thought was best, not necessarily what the child wanted.
How about you? Do you buy practical or what the child desires?
I wish I had something better to write today, more interesting…. But I will have to stop here, as the day is short and the work is long….
PS. Above is a picture of our Succoth-booth. It is the least decorated we have had in years, partially because of a prediction of rain, and probably a sign as well of my 16 year old’s addiction to computer. His heart was simply not into creating a fancy succah. A pity. Hopefully today I will get him to spruce it up a bit.


G6 said...

The trick I think, is to find things, similarly to snacks for children, that are "good for them" but that they'll still "be willing to swallow", because the best educational toy is only educational IF THE CHILD PLAYS WITH IT.... it's a tough balance... too many bells, whistles and flashing lights nowadays.
A small aside, I LOVE that picture you have in the lower right...we use it too!! So many adorable, fun details in one picture!!
Good Yom Tov :)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I agree with G6, the educational book/toy is good so long as they will use it. So long as it's a gift I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Nice Sukkah!

Chag Sameach!

Batya said...

the succah looks fine to me
My kids put mine up and decorated it. I must post the pic of their "Rav Tzimmerman." It'll probably be on

You're right about the gifts. Do you speak Hebrew with your grandchildren? I have a neighbor who was raised super chareidi-chassidish and could barely speak Hebrew when he decided to be a "different type of dati."

rickismom said...

Yes, I speak Hebrew with my grandkids--I do not know Yiddish. In one family they speak Hebrew. In the other two, they talk Yiddish, but the kids gradually pick up Hebrew from neighbor kids....