Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sanctioned (by me) Truancy

I let Ricki skip school this morning. I had thought, mistakenly, that today was a “no school” day. But when my husband called me up and said he saw girls on the way to classes, I gulped. School starts at 8 am, and it was 10 to eight. Ricki was fast asleep in bed. So I called Ricki’s aide and we did a quick calculation. She said that school today was only from 8 o’clock to noon. The four hours of studies schueduled for Ricki were:
Bible (in class)
Ethics and Jewish thought (Yehadut) (in class)
Math (privately)
Preparation for geography (privately)

- Well, until Ricki would get up and get to school, she would miss Bible.

- Ethics would be entirely over her head, since I had not prepared her. (Ethics is one of the few classes I prepare her for at home. But I have to nudge the teacher to get the material, and I didn’t, not knowing that there would be classes…..)

-Preparation for geography would not be needed, there being no geography class following it, due to the short day.

-Math I can do with Ricki just as well, at home.

So I gave the aide a (paid) day off, and Ricki and I are enjoying the quiet morning. Soon I plan to do a bit of math with her, and study for a science test she has tomorrow. So way in the world do I feel so guilty!?????????? Oh, the problems of a perfectionist!

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