Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As Ricki and I exited the bus, on the way to Ricki’s drama/dance class, I saw her ahead. Under the glaring harsh Mediterranean sun, this lady walked along, in a bright purple dress, and bright purple hair to match. She was definitely rather middle-aged, not a teenager who one might expect such psychedelic colors on. This is a business area, and she was undoubtedly going home from work.
This made me wonder a lot of things. First, did she dye her hair daily to match her wardrobe, or did she only wear purple? Was she an unmarried 35 year old desperately attempting to attract attention? Was she just trying to say “I have my own mind, I am an individual?” Or perhaps the opposite? Maybe that is the new “craze” and she wants to fit in???
In the end, I decided that it was her life/ problem/ craziness.
But I congratulate her that the hair color/ dress were a perfectly toned match…….

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