Friday, June 6, 2008

The Cheshire Cat Grin

I just want to relate two small incidents with Ricki. Yesterday her older brother told me that on Saturday he had played cards with Ricki, and she won “fair and square”.

Today, I wrote a short text in Hebrew for Ricki to read. Hebrew is her native language, and a second tongue to me. But in general, my level is above hers, as I learn along with her, and yet retain more. But today as we were reading, she pointed to the word "pitom" (suddenly), asked “What is THIS?” I answered 'pitom'”. She replied, “It can’t be; it doesn’t have an ‘aleph’” (a silent letter). So I looked the word up, and sure enough, it has an “aleph”. I corrected it with a song in my heart. No only was she better than me at spelling that word, she asked about an unfamiliar word, and had the “gumption” to correct me.

Picture me with the grin of the Cheshire cat……

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