Sunday, May 18, 2008

Telephone and Gear Shift

I would like to share with you two small vignettes of Ricki from the weekend.
The first is after-the-fact. We had noticed that one of the two portable phones was misplaced. I had heard it ringing in Ricki’s room, but couldn’t see it. On Friday, one of my sons wanted to sleep there (other activities going on in the house made napping in his own room impossible). I was afraid that the portable would wake him up. So I turned on the “locater” button, to try and locate (what else?) the wayward handset. We looked and looked. Behind Ricki’s bed, under her blanket, etc. Suddenly I had a hunch, and opened her “trinkets and precious objects” drawer, and there it was. (After all, her brothers keep phones –cellular- in THEIR drawers, don’t they?)
The second vignette occured on Saturday afternoon. We were all sitting around chatting, and Ricki was playing “driver”. With a plastic plate for a stirring wheel, she was turning hairpin corners, etc. Suddenly she reached out with her right arm to “switch gears”. We were bowled over with her originality!

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