Thursday, May 29, 2008


Several classes form Ricki’s school had a special program today. Her class and another one, as part of the program, did a dance. Ricki’s aid said that she wanted to go home for those hours, and that I should bring Ricki home. So I did. The dance was really pretty simple, and Ricki did quite well (except when she snuck in a wave or two to me).
At the end of the program, they let Ricki dance by herself on the stage. Afterwards a bunch of girls (not from her class) were “cheering” her: RICKI! RICKI! I lifted a hand and said “You can stop right there. She REALLY doesn’t need this….” I don’t mind a bit of praise, but when it is done in an “overboard” manner, it is just so patronizing that I can’t stand it.

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