Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sometimes it easy not to notice progress… especially if things still need improving. But yesterday and today I noticed. Ricki is (Thank G-d) getting better.
I was in a stationary store with her yesterday, and while she touched nearly everything, she also listened when I said “Put it back, I am not buying that.”. She didn’t throw a moaning and groaning scene either. A definite improvement over a few months ago.
Today I was on the bus with her, and she didn’t make faces at anyone, and when I saw a friend, and told Ricki that this lady is a friend of mine, she actually said “Hi” instead of growling. And her homework sessions have been much better the last few days. She’s even been taking grater care not to jiggle her hearing aid (which makes her squeck)….
Now if I can get her to bed….. Oh, she said “OK”. !!

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