Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Tinkerbelle, No Draw

Well, if any of you thought that after my previous post, I was flitting around Tinkerbelle style, sprinkling love all around today… well I wasn’t. Today was a “tough love” day. This afternoon, Ricki was trying her hardest to get a rise out of me, and so after several small warnings, I gave a big one, with stated consequences. The warning was ignored; the consequences were imposed.
It’s amazing how well she is able to read me, and try, often successfully, to get punishments rescinded. She has developed it to a fine art, to the extent that I ask “If she’s so smart, why does she need to resort to tactics like that?”
Anyway, lately I’ve been checkmating her moves more swiftly. No room for a draw game here. Because that’s true love, to draw the line.

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