Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No More Scrambled Eggs

Ricki was so impressed by the fire that she doesn’t want me to cook scrambled eggs. And why only this?
As I mentioned previously, I have been teaching Ricki to light the stove in order to be able to make scrambled eggs. During the fire, I pointed out to her that you see, fires are dangerous, one has to be careful, etc. So it registered in her mind that lighting a fire to make scrambled eggs is dangerous, and so is playing with matches. She is even scared for me to make scrambled eggs. However, this fear did not transfer over to other foods.
This goes to show one of the most disabling things about retardation- the strange ways in which their minds make connections. Transference of knowledge for those with intellectual insufficiency is often sketchy at best. And often weird conclusions are reached. Thus, teaching has to be done in a very comprehensive way, in order to teach the needed transference of imformation.
Ihis, by the way, is one of the reasons I like Woodbinehouse publisher’s book on teaching sexuality to those with Down syndrome, by Terri Couwenhoven. (see: )


I like this book because besides being less coarse than most books on this subject, the author really gives very detailed lists of what needs to be taught. She also points out common examples of lack of transference of knowledge. It’s a very worthwhile buy for anyone with a child with a mental disability.

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