Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Don’t understand

When I was in the US visiting last summer, I happened to see a fair amount of children’s TV. There was a lot of fantasy, a lot of violence. Bullying was a common occurrence in the story line.
Judging from the advertisements I see, movies today also tend to be pretty violent. And while many are rated “R”, I am sure that many kids load down these movies from file-sharing sites. Computer games stimulate situations where the driver is running from the police, or belongs to the mafia. The amazing thing is that the player running from the police can total his car on a pole at 100 miles an hour and he is OK.
Along with this, the public is inundated with features about wealthy stars, advertisements showing opulent surroundings. So what don’t I understand?
I don’t understand why people think that they can pour violence into the minds of children and teens, worship the idol of wealth, and still be amazed when someone goes on a rampage. While maybe most youth take these things and are not effected by it, in an obvious way, nevertheless, they are. Somehow, if you have seen murder on TV 200 times, I doubt that the atrocity of it can be the same in your mind.

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