Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Two-Sided Girl!

My dear son and his family were here for Shabbat; we had a wonderful visit.
When I got up after my usual shabbas afternoon “recover-from-the-whole-week” nap, my daughter-in-law started to excitedly share with me how Ricki had cleared the whole table, putting the food in the fridge, swept up, and, in short, had really done everything possible to keep the living room neat. I started to comment, “Yes, she can be SO grown up at times.”, when my daughter-in-law suddenly stared at Ricki’s leg.
“What is THAT?” she queried, pointing to the wad of toilet-paper-“bandage” (see HERE) lying under Ricki’s hose. I laughed, continuing, “Yes, she can be SO grown up--- and so NOT grown up, all at once!”

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