Monday, May 10, 2010

The List of 27……

1)a tomato
2)SEVERAL pieces of (clean) toilet paper
3)Small Band-Aids
4)Wrappers, torn, from bigger Band-Aids
5)Several pages of A-4 size ink-jet suitable stickers
6)One good earring
7)A bra
9)2 clothes hangers
10)Empty cassette cases
11)Several disposable cups, both clean and dirty
12)A disposable plate
13)A book
14)A booklet
15)Several advertising catalogues
17)a vest
20)pieces of matzah
21)paper from (for) the computer printer
22)printed pictures from the computer
23)regular processed photos
25) a pencil sharpener
26) a playing card
27) hair ties

Oh, you ask, WHAT IS this???
…. Its what I found behind the computer and bed in Rickie’s room. So I made a list, and without telling her what it was, made her read the list. (Ricki: “What is the connection?!?? WHAT IS IT!??!”)
Than I informed her that she will be 27 days without computer.

Later, I found something NEWLY thrown on the floor of her room, and added another day……..


Cindy said...

As I was reading the list, I thought it might have been all in her backpack!

Staying Afloat said...

Minus the food, if someone checked behind and under my bed, I'm wondering how different it would be...

It sounds like the consequence is perfect to motivate her.

rickismom said...

I thought so, that the consequence was perfect, but the fact that I AGAIN found something later gave me pause...
I guess it hadn't registered YET. It will.....

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

I like your discipline approaches. They will be useful when I have children in the future. :)