Friday, May 7, 2010

The Life That You COULD Live

Most People have some challenge, of one type or another. Some we can act to improve, and those that we can’t do anything about, we can act to learn how to live with the situation. In any case, we are able to take action to improve on our quality of life.
All of us have character defects. These also just won’t disappear on their own. Our character will improve only if we take a pro-active action to work on our personality.

Angry people need to work on anger.
People who believe in the need to pray may need to increase the concentration that they bring to the effort.
Overweight people need to start their three-pronged program.
The problem is, KNOWING that we need to do something will not necessarily lead to doing it. But at some point, a person has to realize that if he does not, will not, take charge of his life, he will miss out on the life he COULD be living.
Time does not stand still. It keeps flowing. Our lives are slipping through our fingers second by second. Let us take charge while we can, and reap the type of life we aspire to.


Anonymous said...
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Batya said...

Everyday, every second a new opportunity to change. What a challenge, but worth it.

RivkA with a capital A said...


change is so hard, but so worth it.

my daughter noticed that I am getting better at one of my flaws. she even pointed it out to her siblings.

how wonderful to have children who recognize my efforts!!

it gives me strength to keep working on it!!