Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Special Exposure Wendsday-What I planned and What You Got (and Why)

I had planned in advance that today I would post a picture of Ricki working on Sukkah decorations. An easy post; all I would have to do is take a picture on Tuesday of Ricki working on her decorations (she’s making several...), and upload the photo.. Simple, no? Well, it SHOULD have been!
However, when Ricki came home from school, I was napping, and when I awoke, there was a minor problem in the house, and it took a while before I really got to spend more than a moment with her. Within five minutes I realized that Ricki was belligerent, and then I remembered: I had forgotten to give Ricki her daily dose of Concerta this morning. This happens sometimes, and if I remember early enough, I will even walk over to the school to give her the dose. But if I remember too late, I am usually in for a rough day.
Sooooo---today she was really an obnoxious pest, EXCEPT when she was busy with something, she behaved a bit better. But otherwise, she was fiddling with all the objects I was working with, removing her hearing aid, and being outstandingly ill-tempered.
Under those conditions, working on her decorations was out. She would not do a nice job, and it would be a waste of the materials.
Therefore, I have no picture of Ricki from yesterday.
* * * *
What you ARE getting is a picture of Ricki excited over a chipmunk. The picture’s quality is a bit poor (the lens was dirty), but her enthusiasm at trying to photogragh a chipmunk/ ground squirrel, is clearly evident.

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Alison said...

Maybe next time to make it even easier for yourself you could post the photos Ricki has taken!? As an Aussie I haven't seen a chipmunk up close!

Colleen said...

Cute...the guide looks pretty happy too!

rickismom said...

Alison, I hopefully will post one next week..... (or the week after....)

Colleen, the "guide" is my MOM! She has volunteered in the national parks, and thus has an official hat. She WAS our guide: her knowledge of wildlife and plants of the area is astonding! (And she was enjoying Ricki!)