Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Belligerent Ricki and the Soya Patties

Ricki came home at three o’clock and asked me to type the access code to the computer. I refused, stating that computer use would be only in the evening, after various other activities. (First comes homework, some studying with me, some fun activities, and a bit of sport.)
Within five minutes a bored Ricki was heading to the refrigerator. “I’m STARVING...” said the teen, only two hours most after having lunch at school. She quickly grabbed TWO soya patties.
“Ricki, I don’t allow. If you are still hungry, take a fruit....” She refused to put the patties back, and frankly, I didn’t have the strength to take them from her. “Ricki, if you don’t put them back, there will be NO computer this evening.” I gave her the option of waiting until I counted to three, but it didn’t go.
All evening she was complaining about being bored. I didn’t open the computer. I hope she learns the lesson. Mommy means what she says.

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