Sunday, September 13, 2009

The First Aid Class

Last night, as Ricki was getting undressed, I noticed a HUGE wad of cloth around her knee, under her hose. My daughter had inserted two professional pressure bandages into her sock, treatment for some miniscule “sore”. She has done this before (she usually puts toilet paper as “dressings”), but somehow she had gotten into (and decimated) our first aid kit.
I was just gratefull that she had placed it high enough that her friends (from her old school)hopefully didn't notice....
Well, at least there is ONE good side to it. Ricki’s new school has one weekly hour of study of “first aid” (avoidance and treatment of everyday illnesses). That is one class she is sure to love.......


Anonymous said...

There was an excellent article in this shabbat's makor rishon newspaper about a 8 y/o boy with DS. I strongly recommend reading it. It was in the diyukon section.

Ninemire said...

Oh that is so funny.
Thank you for your comments on my blog. Yes I drive a 15 passenger can already... And no Morgan does not have scabbies.. she just had hives due to stress.
Have a great eve.

Anonymous said...

A good post on Beneath the Wings
I did come across a website It’s has all information on first aid emergencies. It has information on Human emergencies and even for pets like cat or dog. Hope it help you guys too.

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