Friday, September 18, 2009

Cackling Hens [A Bonus Post (instead of Sunady AM)]

If you look HERE you will see that I once vowed that I would never post just to hear myself talk. And, actually, I am afraid that this is, a bit, what has happened. (I thought that this last week's posts were OK, but the week before was not as good....)
I try to post every day (except Saturdays), and lately it has been harder to do that. I feel that a lot of things that I want to say, I HAVE said, earlier, in posts that I could not improve on.
Lately my life has undergone drastic changes. The biggest is that Ricki is in special education, and I am no longer “working” hours a day preparing materials for her inclusion, as I had to do in years gone by. As a result, I have had more time for myself (like walking), and this blog’s readers have undoubtedly noted the shift in topics. In addition, all the last two year’s worth of behavior modification with Ricki have had the result that while she still has her problems, and antics, she is much better behaved (ie, much more boring...) than before.
So what I am saying is this:
When I have something interesting to report on Ricki and our live together, I will post about that. The main thrust of this blog has always been about Ricki, and I still feel that there is place in the blog-world for a REAL look at life with a teen with Down syndrome. But I probably will be posting much more about other things as well, and I hope I don’t loose my special-needs readers as a result. And occasionally, when I am just too darn busy, or really have nothing to say, I will probably skip a day. But (at least in the meantime), I should be blogging pretty regularly, so if I miss a day, don’t wait three weeks to come back...
Next Post will be Sunday evening (G+2), G-d willing.


Cindy said...

While I certainly enjoy reading about Rikki, I am here too for your perspective on life in Israel so I won't be leaving anytime soon.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Truly how wonderful that Rikki is growing up and doing more things on her own, which gives you more time to enjoy some of the more simple pleasures of life. That is testimony in itself to raising a teenager with Down syndrome. I check in most everyday and will continue to do so. I love to hear what you're doing and have learned so much from you about being Jewish. Enjoy your walks:)

rickismom said...

Thanks for the Encouragement! And, yes I am enjoying my walks (more, hopefully, on that soon.....)