Sunday, September 20, 2009

Margarine, borekas, and “loshon hara” (Slander)

A few days ago, Ricki and I were studying the special foods eaten on Rosh HaShana (Jewish New Year), one of which is dates. To add a bit of fun (and life skills), I wanted to bake a “date spead” cookie bars with her.

That’s when I discovered that during my trip to Colorado, my baking supply of frozen margarine bars was used up, and NOT replenished.

Figuring that the grocery store was closed already, I sent Ricki to request from the neighbors 2 bars of margarine, to be returned the next day. Ricki went, and quickly returned with a bar, telling me which neighbor had lent it to us. So I informed her that we needed another margarine, and could she please try a different neighbor?
She left.... and I waited.... and waited....and eventually she came back, triumphantly bearing the margarine.
“Who did you borrow from?”
“Oh, I bought it (charged it) in the grocery.”
“What, they’re still open?”

That’s when I noticed the crumbs on her face.
“Ricki, did you also buy borekas and eat them?”
“I don’t want to speak any Loshon Hara (slander)” was her reply. Now I know what they studied in school today, probably: Not to slander others.....

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