Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Blessing Overheard

Last night I was sitting next to Ricki as she spoke on the phone to her favorite classmate, M., from last year.
M: How’s “seminar” (high school)? Do You like it?
Ricki: (Rolling her eyes as if any other possibility would be an absolute absurdity...) Yeah, its OK...

Than Ricki actually asked her about how the Rosh HaShana holiday last week went. After a few minutes of talk, Ricki suddenly got into a “blessing” mood. I suspect that certain girls at her former school encouraged her to give “blessings” to others, and sometimes she does so, with great belief and feeling.

“You should have a good year. And your sister, Shoshi should have a good year. A sweet, good, year. And your brother, tell him that he should be blessed with a good year. And your mother, she is sweet, and so smart, she should also have a good year. And also tell your Dad that he should have a good year.....”

I don’t like Ricki being encouraged (by the girls last year) to feel that she has more powers to bless than others. But I am sure that being Ricki’s friend and best companion over the last two years will stand in as a very good merit for M. on Yom Kippur (when our deeds are judged). And yes, may she and her family be blessed.

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