Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ricki’s Nephew

My oldest son’s eldest son, Ricki’s nephew, is eight years old. As a baby, Moshe Leib was (under my darling daughter-in-law’s watchful gaze) Ricki’s first experience with babies. My daughter in law slowly and patiently taught Ricki how to hold babies, how to be careful, etc. He grew, and Ricki, a full six years his senior, played games with him as he learned colors, numbers, and reading.
About two years ago he started being puzzled by her occasional belligerent behavior, and sometimes childish reactions to various situations. He was beginning to realize that she was “different”. At that point I urged my daughter-in-law to explain to Moshe Leib about Ricki’s intellectual disability, and his obligation to respect her despite her deficiencies. Moshe Leib’s mother talked to him, and often in the past two years I have noticed an understanding glance cross his face as he dealt with her.
But this week Moshe Leib did the nicest thing. He took the time to write Ricki a letter congratulating her on entering high school, and wishing her success in her studies. He told his mom “I’ll call it ‘big girls’s high school’”, explaining that “she’ll like ‘big girls’ if I write that.”
He was correct, and she was also thrilled to get a letter. Moshe Leib himself profited from a return card from her.
Now isn’t that tremendous?


Risa Tzohar said...

That definitely comes under the heading of "shepping naches". You should make that a category on your blog!

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