Friday, December 19, 2008

“What is surgery?”

On Monday, when I went to the hospital for my son’s operation, Ricki came along. Being a big girl of 14, the hospital wouldn’t kick her out.
We were in the special waiting room for families who have relatives in surgery.
Ricki asked after ten minutes, slightly exasperated, “Where’s N.?!?” (her brother)
-“He’s not coming here now. He is having surgery.”
-“What’s surgery?”

So I explained that surgery is when the doctor takes a small tiny knife, and makes a cut in the person, goes in the body, and fixes things.

A few moments later she asked again (guess she didn’t like the answer the first time), so I re-explained. The second time she “got it”. How do I know? Because later I heard her telling her imaginary friends about “knives” and “fixing”.

Glad she heard this AFTER her ear surgery…..

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