Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Try This Tuesday -The Use of Puppets-3

[Use 1 here and use 2 here.]
Puppets are also excellent tools for dealing with fears, new situations, and anything the child does not want, yet needs to do. A few examples:
1. Before Ricki’s eye operation, a puppet who had had the same operation talked with Ricki about how scared he was beforehand, what happened at the hospital and later at home, why he is glad he had the operation, etc.
2. First grade coming up? Poor bashful Muppet (who buries himself in the crook of your arm…. And you have to tease him out….) Eventually talks about how he started first grade last year.He can share how bashful he was, how hw made friends, and learned to read.
3. Muppet can also share all sorts of interesting things he learned about behavior in school. There is a break, one waits nicely in line at the toilet and to was their hands, etc
4. Muppet also shared with Ricki how he has fasted on Yom Kippur, and although he was thirsty, he prevailed, and how proud he is of himself. I also told Muppet how proud I was of him.
5. If Muppet has already shared with your child how he had a blood test, so he can go along with you in order to give him encouragement, or your child can use the puppet himself to increase his self-confidence.

Try This Tuesday


Anonymous said...

These are some great ideas for using puppets for the harder to handle situations. Thanks!

Alicia said...

Great idea! What child doesn't love them?

Jenny said...

These are awesome ideas. I really need to get some puppets!