Sunday, December 28, 2008

21 Things about Ricki not Related to Down syndrome

1. When saying a certain prayer which contains Ricki’s Hebrew name, she pipes up and says D.E.!! (her sister’s name)
2. She loves dance, and mimics dance routines very well.
3. She is an expert at pretending to say her prayers, when she would rather not.
4. She has long blonde hair.
5. Her favorite color is, of course, pink.
6. Her brothers irk her no end.
7. She loves to phone her friends.
8. She loves to eat.
9. She loves to not listen to her mother.
10. She thinks she can pull the wool over her mother’s eyes.
11. She likes thinking of herself as an all-most high school girl, rather than an eighth grader.
12. She enjoys taking pictures with her camera.
13. She has picked up the most atrocious language from sneak views of an older brother’s (not-so-nice) computer game. We warned him to keep it hidden.
14. She enjoys swimming. (She is learning still.)
15. She uses English words (she speaks Hebrew) here and there, to sound important and grown up.
16. She enjoys bossing her nephews and nieces around.
17. She likes walking in the rain with an umbrella.
18. She enjoys giving gifts to others.
19. She has a good sense of rhythm. Would make a great drummer….
20. She hates being looked at and talked about.
21. She likes showing her photo album off.

(The idea for this post I got originally from Maureen here.


Terri said...

I love this! I have enjoyed reading about your holidays--ours have been quite fun as well!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

She sounds like a great child, I like this idea of a post, although I've seen some of this type in your other posts.

Thanx for your comments, I wanted to let you know I gave you a Award!

G6 said...

You've been tagged:

Belinda said...

Ricki and I have a couple of things in common at least. We both love taking photos and showing off our albums! Yeay for Ricki, kindred spirit.

rickismom said...

Thank you , babysitter for the award! I always enjoy your comments, glad to see if my ramblings make any sense to someone who is not a "special kids mom"!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

RickisMom: Your welcome!

Thanx, I'm glad you enjoy them!

They sure do make a lot of sense.

Actually my little sister who just turned 12 today, is not really a special needs child, but she is in a special class and has been getting therapy, so I do see how a lot of the stuff can help her too.