Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comments (Fun and Weird)

I think comments are fun. And weird. Never try and predict them.
There are a few things that will generally generate comments: Mentioning any milestone in your life. Births, weddings, death, all get comments. Which just goes to show how the blogging community is a community. People are reacting to you the person, apart from your writing. And that is nice.
Another big comment-generator is commenting on other people’s blogs, but if you are pressed for time, it just isn’t going to happen.
But what I found weirdest about blogs is that sometimes the entries that you really sweat over, to get it just right, will get no reaction at all. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Efes. This leaves you wondering if people even noticed it, or if your (what-you-thought was ) fantastic idea is all that ho-hum.


rutimizrachi said...

I hear you!

(I was going to say "Ah feel yer pine"; but my Clinton accent is a bit rusty.)

I hope, as a fellow blogger, that that comment was validating.


Anonymous said...

I refrain from commenting unless I really have something to add, and when I think about it, there's often not much to add to a really fine piece.

That being said, I had practically resolved to stop commenting on any blog after some of the reactions I received to my comments on the Orthonomics blog -- in fact I deleted several comments after the fact. (Yes, my comments involved kids with special needs). Now, is my resolve wavering in reaction to your post?

rickismom said...

I understand you said something and got pounced on. Maybe I'll write a post on that for tomarrow. But in brief, I think we have to respect others and their individuality.
I have made in the past comments (not here)where I got pounced on (when I dared say I would rather Ricki not have Down S---although that does NOT mean that I value her less), and if you say something you know is going to be contraversial, You have to be aware that this is likely to happen.
But sometimes bloggers need that one -or two word "right on!", or "excellent" to know that the effort they put into writing a clear, coherant, well-thought-out piece was appreciated by someone!

Anonymous said...

I'm the Anonymous above (see, I must have been feeling vulnerable to post as Anonymous!). It didn't bother me to get pounced on, and anyway what I said (and later deleted) wasn't so controversial -- I spoke of my decision to put my special needs son in public school and how public schools are not all bad. I did NOT endorse public school as a solution to tuition woes; in fact I said this is not a solution for the community at large. What I kept getting back over and over again was that public schools for Jewish children is not an option, and if you do have to put a kid in public school, that's something to mourn about. Well, I don't feel like mourning about a situation where my son is happy to go to school, he's learning the material, and he feels good about himself. And I'm pretty happy with the Limudai Kodesh teacher that we hired on the side. So far, it's working out for him.

I'll just say again, I really enjoy your blog and I'll try to comment more often.

rickismom said...

I always wouldered who you were (your profile saying nothing)....

I think we need to mourn that there are no good options for so many of our kids in frum schools (esp. in the states, but here in aretz also a bit.) I wish that ALL kids would feel "is happy to go to school, he's learning the material, and he feels good about himself." in the type of schools their parents would want.
I agree that sometimes there really is no choice... and it is good that your son is happy where he is.