Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Old Habits Die Hard

     The Pre-Passover (Pesach) period is a busy one. There is tons of cleaning/organizing/shopping to be done. And later, there will be cooking to be done as well. In addition I tend to get less sleep during this season (although I am TRYING to get more…..). All this makes sticking to my eating plan difficult. I USED to "survive" the period with "instant energy" (ie., chocolate…..).
     So every once in a while So several times a day that inner devil pipes up "How about some chocolate? Or maybe some chalvah*?"
     In general I have been able to brush away these whims fairly easily. [It helps that I bought myself a nice bracelet for the holiday which I am only allowing myself to use if I do not gain in this period. Bribes DO work……]  Occasionally I may allow myself an extra 100 calories, if I am working hard, but choosing something healthy like soup or a fruit rather than the sweet stuff.
     What amazes me is that this inner voice still sits insides me, expounding self-destruction oh so insidiously yet nonchalantly.

*A confection made of honey and tahini, can be healthy, but nevertheless fattening.


Bracha said...

You're not alone. There is something about preparing for Pesach that makes me feel like eating everything in sight!

Batya said...

Your post is included in the Pesach edition of  Havel Havelim. Lots o' Matzah and Jewish Blog Posts aka Havel Havelim

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