Monday, April 28, 2014

Bottomless Pit Blues

   Well, Passover finished almost a week ago. I did great (weight-wise) in the days leading up to the holiday. During the week of the holiday I was less successful. Altogether I gained a few kilos, most of which I have already lost.
    The overeating during the holiday must have stretched my stomach: the first few days following the end of the holiday I was ravenous. However, I was committed to keeping to my eating plan 100%. The fact that I had planned for several SMALL meals each day helped: I was never THAT far from the next mini-snack.
    However, Friday was especially hard. Since we eat a certain amount of items for the Friday evening Shabbat meal, my intake on Fridays is more restricted than normal. And after eating a small breakfast, I simply felt like the two slices of toast that I had eaten had disappeared into a bottomless pit: I was still as hungry as I had been before eating.
    What to do?

    First, I decided to wait 10 minutes. Often it takes time for the stomach to send a message to the brain that food has been ingested. In addition I got VERY busy. Finally I just told myself the line that I always say when I am in this situation: "NOW you are losing that extra weight!"

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