Friday, April 4, 2014

Cake and Erev Pesach

[Note: To any readers unfamiliar with what "erev Pesach" (before Passover) cleaning entails, read this post's introductiuon: ]

    Today I took an early morning stroll to the post office, to mail some scrumptious-smooth- "sin" (ie, special Swiss chocolate), as a gift to them for the upcoming Passover holiday. On the way I passed the bakery.
   The cakes on display called out to me how I should buy them for my husband for Shabbat (the Sabbath). I continued to the post office, but  meanwhile there ensued a conversation between me and my "Yetzer Hara" (evil inclination):
Me: If I buy it, I'll eat it.
YH: for Shabbat! Buy some on the way home!
Me: There is cake in the freezer for Shabbat.
YH: But your dear husband will like this cake even better!
Me: Too bad. And that is questionable anyway, Mr. YH.
YH: So buy it for him to eat next week when there will be a lack of normal food….
Me: He'll get enough. And I can always buy next week if I need. Besides, YH, you know that YOU want it for yourself, not for DH. Did you forget that you had an eating plan for today? And that there is a piece of cheesecake waiting for you for Saturday night? Exactly how much cake did you intend to consume?
YH:  Well, you could have a piece of cake instead of the salad and Pecans you were going to have.
Me: Your accounting is lacking…
YH: OK, and the tangerine as well.
Me: YEAH?!??? And feel like *(@*^$&% afterwards? Healthy food makes you feel energetic.
    At this point, YH gave up and slithered away to his cage somewhere in my brain.

But I held my nose as I passed the bakery on the way home……..

 Healthy weight loss and/or maintenance depends on small everyday victories like this. 

Final note:

    Just in case I don't post next week, I wish all of you an easy and FUN erev Pesach. [AS LONG AS YOU ARE CLEANING, PUT ON SOME MUSIC AND HAVE FUN.] And a kosher Pesach as well. 

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Batya said...

I got off a few kilo that had crept back on by "delaying" my morning fruit, until it was forgotten on most days.