Friday, October 4, 2013

19 and a Walk in Jaffa

    Today is the day that would have been Ricki's 19th (Hebrew date) birthday. Originally I was considering going to her grave today, but since it is a Friday, yesterday I decided to go on Thursday, and then on the way home go for a walk on the  Jaffa-Tel Aviv beach promenade. 

[Image: a mosaic "19" surrounded with a heart]

(I often do this; the beach walk is a calming, thoughtful finish to visiting Ricki's grave. There is easy access to the promenade along the bus line from the graveyard.)
[Image: View from Jaffa towards Tel Aviv]

[Image: View of Jaffa from the promenade.]


Batya said...

אין מילים

Cindy said...

Thinking of Ricki with you. (Beautiful pictures!)