Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ruchie's Call

   Ruchie was a former classmate of Ricki, although since she is older that Ricki was, she finished school shortly before Ricki's death. To the best of my knowledge, her Mom never told her about Ricki's death, and she asked me not to mention it, as Ruchie would be upset, and she (the Mom) did not want to deal with that.
   During the recent holiday of Sukkot, Ruchie, apparently on vacation from work, decided to call Ricki.

   "Can I talk to Ricki?"
   "She's not here."
   "Where is she?"
  [Now here I didn't know what to say; I'm not going to lie.]
   "Ricki's in heaven."
  "That's nice. Ok, Bye"

   I guess that her "That's nice." is a standard answer she gives to answers she doesn't quite understand. Anyway, she didn't seem upset, so no damage was done. And I had a good smile.

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