Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumpkin Pie, Cheese Cake, and Walks

    One of the dishes I traditionally make for the Sukkot holiday is pumpkin pie. Maybe it's because my mom often made pumpkin pie this time of the year… I'm not sure. But one year I made it, and ever since, it has been almost a tradition. This year I also made one, but with a smaller number of guests around, the leftovers also stick around longer to tempt me. So late this afternoon a tempting idea hit me: "Go take an hour or hour-and-a-half walk, and you'll be able to have some pie now, and still have your regular once-a-week snack of cheesecake late tonight." Simply put, I could walk off the calories of a small piece of pie. 
    But early today I had already taken a good walk, and I really wanted to rest and read. But on the other hand, I was afraid that if I DIDN'T take a walk, I would have the cake anyway. Not only has it been holiday season here (and I am a bit lenient with myself as regards food during the holidays), but the pumpkin pie will not stay good indefinitely, and I wouldn't want it to spoil. [Note: Halachaikly (by Jewish law), I should definitely put my health before the mitzvah  (commandment) not to waste food, but who's being rational here??] I mean, a lot of work went into making that pie.
   But then, my common sense finally kicked in: "When you are 80 are you also going to be able to take TWO walks a day? --  Do you REALLY want to give in to indulging yourself? The holiday officially ended Thursday. - -  Do you want to get yourself re-used to eating several pieces of cake, like you USED to? You KNOW what the results will be."

   So I stayed home and read. And had pumpkin pie tonight instead of cheesecake (the cheesecake is frozen, and will keep very well until next week).

   Oh, and I pulled it off by getting BUSY tonight (taking down the decorations from the sukkah-booth. Nothing like activity to help beat cravings……..

PS. Here is the recipe:

- for a Pyrex rectangle tray, about 25X 39 cm. size
half this amount is good for a regular pie tin

5 cups sifted flour
2t. salt
2t. sugar
300 grams  (cup and a half) margarine (my Mom uses shortening, if you can get it kosher)
10-13 Tabl. COLD water

Combine dry ingredients, then add the margarine. In end add the water gradually until you have pliable, but non-sticky dough. Use a little water as needed..
If possible, refrigerate for a while before using.

Cook in mildly salted water about 3 kilos of pumpkin. (Minus seeds of course)
Strain WELL (save water for soup!). Mash pumpkin well, and separate about 7 cups of cooked pumpkin. Add to this:
6 eggs
2 cups brown sugar
Cinnamon (teaspoon?)
Pinch or 2 of ginger, cloves.
Add to this if you want a bit of evaporated milk or Rich creamer. (about 1/2 cup)

Roll out the crust (keep it thin-- you can patch it up if it tears.)and place in greased pie pan (rectangle) (If you are using the rectangle, you will have dough leftover). 
Pierce a few places all around with a fork.
Pour filling on top

 Bake 10 minutes at 200 degrees, then at 150 (centigrade, obviously) until filling is well set and has a slight baked tinge, and crust is lightly browned.(Total baking time about 50-60 minutes usually.) (Can stick a knife into the center, and it should come out clean)


mikimi said...

Can you freeze the pumpkin pie as portions? I never liked pumpkin pie but enjoy dalaat just cooked so what do I know! I never understood if pumpkin pie is meant as a dessert or as a part of the meal. I tend to like salt on my vegetables and not sweetness.

Rickismom said...

I doubt that it could be frozen. Vegies are problamatic in that area! Pumpkin pie is definately a desert. Trust me, it's good.......(my MOM's recipe, even)

Batya said...

You did great. If you ever post the recipe, please send to KCC, thanks.

Cindy said...

Good job! You're getting better at making right choices. Now, can you teach me? :)

Rickismom said...

Cindy, all you need to know is here on this blog.: An eating plan that fits you, exercise, and working on other ways to deal with eating "triggers". I hope to very soon be starting a support group for healthy living, here in Israel.

DS said...

Looks like a great recipe - 2 questions. Is it a very big pie? Or do you make 2 ? Those quantities sound like a lot for one pie.
Also have you ever used canned pumpkin purée ?

Rickismom said...

as I wrote, " for a Pyrex rectangle tray, about 25X 39 cm. size
half this amount is good for a regular pie tin"

I have never used canned pumpkin puree, but my mom did.

Kendrick Brown said...

Great read, thank you