Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A "visit" to Ricki

Last Thursday was (in the Hebrew calendar  a full half year since Ricki's death. ( That fact alone is hard for me to believe. It seems just yesterday she was here. Maybe that's because she is in my thoughts a lot...) Anyway, I had planned to mark the day by visiting her grave site  But I just simply didn't manage . I had been up late Wednesday night finishing up a dress for a family occasion, so I got a late start on Thursday. Add to that expected guests coming for the weekend.... So I realized that if I wanted to arrive in a halfway normal state to the family celebration, the living would need to take precedence over the dead, and the visit to the cemetery would have to wait. 

So Sunday I went to visit Ricki's grave. And that means that I probably will accomplish less of certain on-line commitments than I had hoped to do. But that is OK with me; my real life must take precedence over my virtual friends. And as much as I would like to be perfect and "do it all", the question of "at what price?" begs asking. 
Can we accept ourselves as imperfect creatures? Can we celebrate our successes without getting dragged down by our failures? Can we internalize the need to accept ourselves as a "journey in progress"? 
Very often we feel that if we can't do something 100%, we should not attempt it at all. This outlook is nearly always not called for: 
-If you can't get 8 hors of sleep at night, so aim for 6 rather than giving up and settling for 5 or less... 
-If you break your diet, no excuse to gave a super-binge... Limit the damage.....

In loving memory of "ricki"  [Photo: picture of mosaic I did at her grave, for a lovely teen who flew away so fast.]

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