Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smilies and Smiles

   I had a slightly rough night last night. On thursday I slid on sand, taking a spill, and hit my left chest. So now my muscles on that side are sore. Turning in my sleep took me a couple of minutes each time.
   This morning I barely woke up in time to see my youngest (living) son off to the army for a two week stint. He had already left a note, wishing me a good day:
(picture: Note in Hebrew with a smilie and "good morning!")

  So we smoozed for a few minutes, and I garnered a few real smiles as well.
  Such a simple thing... but it made my day. Turned my mood around.
   So be generous today and beam some smiles to those around you. You may, so easily, improve their day.....

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