Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Again (from the Hospital)

   Yes, we were in the hospital again.  Since Sunday we have been in the hospital, again with respiratory issues. Apparently Ricki's non-compliance with wearing her CPAP is wreaking havoc, and I hope that she will wear it now. It has been made clear to her that wearing the CPAP is no longer an optional choice, but truly a necessity.
   Today she was discharged and I am looking forward to sleeping in a REAL BED tonight (rather than a reclining armchair).
   I was able to keep my diet in the hospital, and got minimum amounts of steps done (10,000 daily). [We were on the same floor as last time- without ICU-intensive care- and the staff is already used to me pacing the corridor back and forth at 10:30 PM and 6 AM……LOL]


Batya said...

refuah shleima
stay strong

galiah said...

refua sheleima-- i hope ricki complies with keeping it on...