Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hanging in There…..

   For the last two and a half monthes my weight has been pretty much static… wavering from an all-time low of just barely under 80 kilos to 82 or 3. But mostly around 81. There were severeal reasons for this..
v -the pre-Passover period(ie., sleep deprivation coupled with swiss chocolate "instant energy")
v -Passover (guests, festive meals)
v -Ricki being in the hospital
v -My surgery
   So as I went to weigh myself this morning, I was beset with negative thoughts. How long will it take me to get back to under 80 kilos? If I find it so hard to lose, what will happen when I'm older and can't just walk out the door for a brisk hour walk to burn off an extra 200 calories?
   But the truth is, if we are honest with ourselves, correctly counting calories, portion sizes, noting pitfalls, and correcting them, EVENTUALLY we will see the results. We just have to hang in there and keep going.
   [And BTW, I clocked in at 79.75 kilos today. YEA!]


Batya said...

I try not to concentrate on the numbers. My eating goes up and down, but my weight has been steady for three years, B"H.

Rickismom said...

I definitely concentrate on numbers... I am too scared of slipping and gaining it all back....

mikimi said...

You have worked very hard for your achievements and I am happy for your success however I must admit that I am still jealous as I have not been able to have the self-discipline and self-motivation that you have. May we all have continued success.