Friday, January 13, 2012

The “Guests”

I had a class I wanted to attend the other evening. Ricki’s Dad was home, so she was not alone, but she would need to entertain herself. So before I left I gave her a work booklet on the topic of “The Sabbath”, so that she would have something to do. On my return, Ricki showed me the work she had done. On one page she had drawn a picture of the evening meal, with a table surrounded with SEVERAL figures. Well recently, our Friday evening meals have been with only 5-7 people, so I expected her to explain that they extra figures were people from one of the married brothers…. But Ricki had been MORE imaginative then that. She started off naming figures, corresponding to those usually present. When she had finished these, rather than continuing with her nephews, she named the figures: -Abraham -Yitzchak (Isaac) -Jaacob -David “THESE are our important guests!” (Actually, we symbolically welcome these “guests” during the week of Sukkot,so she probably got the idea from there – although Sukkot was several months ago…..)

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Batya said...

Ushpzin, how clever of her.