Thursday, September 2, 2010

The "Haul" of Pottery, and the Aftermath

This morning I had my ceramics class instead of the usual Monday class. It just so happened that several items I had made were ready (they had been fired), as well as all the items Ricki had made during the two sessions that she had joined me during the summer break. Knowing that the ceramics teacher was planning last week to bake the pottery, I took a large study bag today to class in order to take the “haul” home.
On reaching the house, I set the bag down on the dining room table and went to pour myself a glass of ice water. (We are still waiting for the “cooler” fall weather to arrive….) After that I went to take a nap.
* * *
The red mesh bag of pottery lay open on the table, broken pieces of my specially-for-Rosh-HaShana (Jewish New Year) honey dish scattered, the ceramic dish I had worked on so long ruined. I bitterly regretted not having stored it in a safer place, knowing that if Ricki would discover the bag, havoc might well ensue in her eagerness to examine her own pottery work. Every single piece I had worked on for the entire month had been demolished, one way or another.
* * *
I awoke, and bitterness at the broken pottery filled me. Then on sudden impulse, I turned to my right, and saw the firmly closed pottery bag stored next to my bed. Just before falling asleep, I had asked my husband to bring me the bag, afraid that Ricki would get into it. Those fears, faced just before drifting to sleep, triggered the nightmare above. Thank G-d, the clayware is intact.

PS: Sorry I didn’t take pictures yet. Hopefully next week…..

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mikimi said...

what a frightening nightmare!