Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sukkah Chain, Fancy (Magic Marker Monday)

[image: Ricki holding the sukkah-chain (paper chain to hang in a sukkah)that she made.]

[image: Close-up of the chain. It is made from a roll of wide ribbon, cut, and formed as any simple chain. Then every other loop, a dangling loop is added, but the dangling loop is not round, made by overlapping the edges, but flattish, with the edges flat against each other (making sort of an elongated balloon shape). To the bottom a pommegranete shape is stapled.]

You will find more of "Magic Marker Monday" HERE


mikimi said...


Batya said...

We don't have any more homemade decorations. I make due with old calendars.

Childlife said...

LOVE IT! And I love the smile that goes with it :) Excellent work, Rikki!

~Michelle @ 5MFSN