Friday, November 23, 2007


Frustration is watching your daughter use all of her ample mental abilities to try and get out of doing homework. If Ricki would work half as hard at doing her homework as she does to get out of doing it, she would finish much much faster. Slowly and surely I have learned several techniques to "derail" her avoidance games, and she is slowly learning that both good and bad behavior have their consequences.
Even more frustrating is my own behavior. How many times will I under-sleep, overeat, waste too much time on the computer, or yell at my kids, before I learn that this type of behavior does not pay in the long run. It is very comfortable and easy not to have someone bossing me around The problem is that besides being convenient, it could be fatal.
I suspect that many women need to be better "mothers" to themselves. We need to take the time to love and encourage the hard-working person within. We need the honesty to draw lines at self-defeating behavior.

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