Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Rant and a Hug

First the rant. I had a terrible/wonderful day yesterday. I went to Jerusalem yesterday with Ricki, to visit two of my sons, and their families. THAT was great. BUT… I discovered within a few minutes of sitting on the bus, that my leg muscles are still VERY sore from a week ago.
You see, last Tuesday I went rafting with a group of women on the Jordan river. I was excited to try this, it being a commonly-done sport here which I never had tried. One of my sons warned me that “It’s not for you, not yet”, but I innocently thought “What in the world can happen? I know how to swim. So my arm muscles will be a bit sore for a day afterwards….” So I dreamed……..
I and my partner, T., were amongst the first to set out. Later we heard from others that when they got stuck in the shallows, there was staff there to help them. Well, we didn’t see that staff, and we had to exert ourselves very hard several times to get unstuck. And amazingly, my arm muscles did not hurt that much afterwards. But my leg muscles have been in extreme pain, from sitting on the floor of the boat for two hours. For a whole WEEK! Yesterday I thought that they were better, but the bus ride each way today was uniformly painful.
Then to top it off, I wanted to treat two of my grandsons with a trip to the Kotel (wailing wall) and we got there to discover a demonstration in progress. We were stuck almost there for an hour, and in the end were forced to return without actually going to the holy site.
End of rant….
* * * *
On the bus coming, Ricki noticed me almost in tears from the pain… and reached over to hug me. She made my day…..


Becca said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. :-) This post brought tears to my eyes - there is absolutely nothing better in the world than that hug. I know it well.

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

I haven't paid much attention to world news, so I'm wondering, what kind of demonstration were going on at the wailing wall? I'm just curious. I hope I don't sound dumb...

I hope you feel better soon...

rickismom said...

Dear Lucia, I don't think it would have made the international news; it was a group protesting the fact that Arabs sometimes throw rocks onto cars traveling this route to the Wailing (Western) wall.
Yes, I am feeling better (thanks), though not 100%. If this keeps up, I will have to visit the doctor....)(And he will tell me that my weight is at fault....)