Wednesday, July 21, 2010

“I’m Fasting…”

Yesterday morning as I entered the living room, Ricki announced to me proudly “I’m fasting…” But as I walked into the kitchen, I noticed several rice cake crumbs on the floor. So as Ricki continued, , saying “I didn’t eat anything…”, I knew that she was not being totally honest. That she said “I’m fasting” was OK, as at that moment, she WAS. But the lie that she had not eaten before, disturbed me, and I told her so. So she sheepishly simply said “Now I am fasting..” And I said, “Yes, Now you are.” Again, as two years previously, her perception of what everyone is doing is an overwhelming shaper of her behavior..

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Batya said...

Her lack of control must make it so difficult to do disciplined things like fasting. At least she understands that it's important.